DOLD RN 5897/020 eristyksenvartija

The growing number of electric vehicles will also expand the number of fast DC

Näiden lisäksi vaatimukseksi on noussut kaasutiiveys – hermeettinen sulku.

The requirements for the sealing of electrical transmission interfaces are strongly growing. They have

DOLD PH 9270 puolijohdekontaktori

The compact DOLD solid state relay POWERSWITCH PH 9270 has integrated monitoring functions and

Euchner ZSM sallintakytkimet

Due to its modular design a large number of additional functions can be integrated.

The actual range of frequency relays produced by DOLD has been extended by two

Kolmivaiheiset jarruvastukset myös suoraan moottoriin.

The speed of modern three-phase synchronous squirrel-cage motors and three-phase synchronous motors is usually

New Enhanced Mosaic M1S safety controller enables to build and control even wider safety

Voltage peaks and high-frequency interference voltages of a wide variety of causes can spread


In order to guarantee the highest possible level of protection for patients and operators,

For even easier and simpler machine operation by the user, EUCHNER applied ergonomic principles

ASO Safety solutions turvareunat, turvapuskurit ja turvamatot

ASO GmbH develops and manufacture self-assembly and customer specific safety edges. Product catalog also

For conveyors with preferred direction of rotation and actuators in process engineering, it must

ODU-MAC® is the name of the product line of modular, mostly rectangular connectors. This range

In many industries, testing under real ohmic loads forms an integral part of development

Euchner CTP-turvalukko

Euchner CTP safety switch combines the proven principle of operation of electromechanical safety switches

Passiivinen galvaaninen erotin Knick Proline P 22400 passiivinen galvaaninen erotin

For measurement and safety reasons, analog signals are routinely isolated in industrial facilities. The

Sähkölehdon ajankohtaista

Applications in medical technology meet high requirements and are often exposed to significant mechanical

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Reer Micron light curtains are desinged for industrial and civil applications where it is

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The space available for safety engineering and the time allotted to wiring equipment as

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With the universal measuring relay MK 9300N of the VARIMETER PRO series, DOLD combines

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Reliable connections are indispensable, especially for applications in harsh environmental conditions or under mechanical

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New MGB2 modular safety switch brings flexibility to selection of safety switches. User can

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Reer Micron measuring light curtains are ideal for applications where it is necessary to

In many industrial and medical applications, fast availability and flexible connector solutions are becoming

Modulaarinen turvalukko Euchner MGB2

Like the recently introduced MGB2 Modular, the new MGB2 Classic is an enhancement of

Uudet ODU-MAC -liitinmoduulit ODU-MAC® liitinsarjoihin.

ODU has introduced new modules for ODU-MAC® connector series. The new fluid feedthrough module is

ODU-MAC liitinmoduuli termopariliitäntöihin

A new ODU-MAC thermocouple module is available for the ODU-MAC® White-Line and Silver-Line product

Sahkolehto ODU AMC T-Sarja

The “T” stands for “Triple” or three locking types: push-pull, break-away or thread-lock. Choose