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Hermetic sealing – New ODU MINI-SNAP Receptacles

The requirements for the sealing of electrical transmission interfaces are strongly growing. They have increased from general dust and water tightness (IP rating) in industrial applications to high-pressure tightness under water to now almost complete – hermetic sealing.


Hermetic sealing is required for example when a vacuum needs to be created in an enclosed area. IEC 60068 distinguishes between three quality levels of hermetic sealing: Fine vacuum (FV), High Vacuum (HV) ja Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV). The levels are determined according to tested helium leakage rates:

FV < 1 mbar/s

HV < 1×10^-3 mbar/s

UHV <1×10^-7 mbar/s

Hermetic sealing means equipment, rooms, production systems etc. are completely protected from the ingress of even the smallest contaminants on a molecular level. With its new series of receptacles, ODU raises the bar in this field. Thanks to glass potting, they not only meet the demanding requirements of UHV-suitable interfaces, but also comply with another major customer requirement – high-performance data transfer.

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