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Safety contact mats

Safety contact mats

The SENTIR mat safety contact mats are laminar sections which are used to safeguard dangerous areas in the entire industrial and production automation. Stepping on the mat triggers an immediate “stop” signal in order to prevent endangering movements.

The basic construction of the ASO Safety Contact Mat consist of two conductive plates which are separated by a proprietary isolating layer. A single compound polyurethane material assures impermeability against oils, water and dirt. An anti-slip surface is also implemented into the design.

Mounting to the floor can be realized with optional aluminium ramp rails RS 14 or BS 14. The ASO Safety Contact Mat is fitted with 2 two-core connection cables and offers the possibility of connecting several mats in series up to a max. total area of 10 m². Up to 10 contact mats wired in series may be connected to one evaluation unit. One end of the cable is connected to the safety evaluation control electronics and the terminal resistance is connected to the other end. The 8,2 kΩ terminal resistance must be connected to the last mat in series when several mats are connected. ASO Safety’s own safety relays can be used e.g. ELMON rail 41-322. ASO Safety Contact Mats are available in standard sizes or custom configurations and in different colors.

Your overall benefits:

  • Resistant against most chemical contaminants and impervious to dust
  • High resistance to moisture (IP65) (IP67 on request)
  • Tested for more than 6 Million activations
  • Built-in ramp rail, flexible mounting for multiple mat configurations
  • Standard sizes and custom configurations also in different colours

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Safety contact mats

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