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For measurement and safety reasons, analog signals are routinely isolated in industrial facilities. The requirements on plant and safety-related circuits are continuously increasing and the technical requirements on components have also raised due to new standards. Higher functional safety is often bought at the price of lower productivity.

Knick ProLine P 22400 passive isolator for standard signals is created to combine productivity with safety. It is passive galvanic isolator for standard signals with safety class up to SIL 3 according to EN 61508. Due to its high isolation Knick Proline P 22400 gives secure isolation to continuous voltages between input and output up to 600 V AC/DC, including fast changes in voltage (Test voltage: 5.4 kVAC).     

High functional safety can be achieved also in single-channel structure and without diagnostics. For example with P 22400 isolator sensors and actuators in safety circuits can be directly connected, requiring no elaborate evaluation equipment for redundant structures. Besides this Knick Proline products have a low total failure rate, tested MTBF: 965 years.

Knick Proline P 22400’s functionality is laboratory tested. Due to UL-, DNV-, and GL approvals P 22400 is suitable for variety of applications, for example to marine industry. It has ambient temperature range during operation –40°C … +85°C and it is resistant against electromagnetic interferences. Knick Proline products have five year warranty.    

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