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Voltage peaks and high-frequency interference voltages of a wide variety of causes can spread nearly unhindered in the system. If they collide with sensitive measuring inputs, this causes faulty measurements and, in the extreme case, the destruction of the measuring unit. This problem can be smartly solved by using the three-phase interference suppressor filters MK 5130N and LG 5130 from the VARIMETER series from DOLD.

The space-saving device is simply connected in series to the load. It ensures reliable damping of the interfering high-frequency content and optional discharge to earth. The interference suppressor filter thus enables the troublefree operation of measuring relays in the environment of inverters and other devices with high-frequency interference voltages, such as power tools, contactors and fluorescent lighting.

The VARIMETER is available in 2 designs and suitable for DIN rail mounting. The dimensions of the MK 5130N are 22.5 x 90 x 97 mm, the LG 5130’s dimensions are 22.5 x 90 x 121 mm.

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