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Compact Frequency relay for varied applications

The actual range of frequency relays produced by DOLD has been extended by two additional devices. Both models detect under or over frequency in AC voltage systems. The varimeter IK9143 needs no auxiliary supply and is suitable to monitor frequency in 50/60Hz systems like generator sets and local power generation. The inexpensive module has a setting range of ± 10% and an adjustable hysteresis.

The more powerful varimeter IL9837 includes an adjustable setting range of 1…300Hz and a wide input voltage range of 10…500V. Therefore this frequency relay is suitable to monitor the output frequency of inverters. Adjustable hysteresis and LED indicators for auxiliary voltage, measuring voltage and state of output contact are standard features on this device. The enclosure dimensions are 17.5 and 35x90x59 mm.

Monitoring of overfrequency and underfrequency (selectable) in A.C. power systems

  • Adjustable response value
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • De-energized on trip (output relay not activated in case of error)
  • LED indication for auxiliary voltage, measuring voltage and contact position
  • 1 changeover contact
  • As option energized on trip (output relay activated in case of error)

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