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ODU-MAC® is the name of the product line of modular, mostly rectangular connectors. This range is then further divided into Silver-Line, White-Line, and Blue-Line.

ODU-MAC® Blue-Line products are defined by their manual operation and modular design. They are economical, easy-to-use solutions. Commissioning is easy, as the modules are fixed in position simply by clipping them into the frame. Yet another great advantage of the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line is that the contacts are replaced from the connector side, so the crimp-clip contacts are easy to release even when the connector is assembled.

As a new ODU goal was to offer a connector that was ergonomic, easy to use, and highly flexible – in a style that was as small as possible. The size was incredibly important, particularly when one thinks of the growing trend for miniaturization. The result is a handy hybrid connector, which can achieve over 5,000 mating cycles. It can be equipped with various module inserts and fulfils protection class IP67. Another special feature of the ODU-MAC® PUSH-LOCK is its relatively large M25 cable outlet. 

Technical details:

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