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ODU has introduced new modules for ODU-MAC® connector series. The new fluid feedthrough module is for the expanded rectangular ODU-MAC® Silver-Line und ODU-MAC® White-Line connector series. The new high-current module is suitable for the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line.

The fluid module has double shut-off feedthrough. It is designed for an operating pressure of 25 bar at low pressure drop. It also enables a G1/4 connection option for tubing with an outside diameter of 6–12 mm. Liquid module is suitable for the feedthrough of air, water and other fluids such as cooling liquids. Like other modules in White and Silver-Line series, this module has service life of over 100,000 mating cycles.

The new high-current module is for the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line. With a contact diameter of 12 mm it can be used for a current load of up to 225 amps and an operating voltage of 1000 volts (VG3). The two-part contact with torx screw makes contact replacement easy from the mating side. The crimp terminations are available for 25, 35 and 50mm².

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