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Safety Solutions for Industrial Doors, Gates, and Automatic Barriers

Do you need assistance with the safety of your industrial gates, doors, high-speed roll-up doors, or automatic barriers? We provide both individual components and customized system solutions, whether it’s safety edges, light curtains, wireless signal transmission, or complete control solutions for your door, gate or barrier systems.

Safety for External Gates for Area Protection

When designing a gate system, whether it’s a sliding, swing, or folding gate, the installation of a safety system is essential. The current standards and directives of the European Union, such as EN 13241, must be considered and applied. We offer you customized smart control systems and safety devices that enable safe, long-lasting, and economical operation of your door and gate systems. ASO safety solutions and control systems, manufactured in Germany, are designed to withstand the demanding and variable weather conditions of Northern Europe.

Recommended Solutions for External Gates Protection

Safety for Industrial Doors

Industrial doors such as sectional, roller or folding doors are subject to the relevant European specifications and must be designed to be safe. In addition to safe operation, the high reliability of a door system is also decisive for product quality. The failure of door often results in disruptions in production or logistics processes. With our safety components, we support you in ensuring the durability and reliability of your door systems.

Recommended Solutions for Industrial Doors Protection

Safety for High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors enable companies to ensure a smooth flow of traffic, provide access control, increase efficiency and save energy due to fast opening and closing speeds. Whether as a foil door or as a variant with a fixed door curtain, whether for indoor or outdoor use – our components support the optimum performance of these high-performance doors.

Recommended Solutions for High-Speed Doors Protection

Automatic Barriers

Automatic barriers are an essential part of traffic control systems, and their safety is of paramount importance. ASO Safety’s safety devices and control systems ensure the reliable and safe operation of automatic barriers even in challenging conditions, helping to prevent both personal and vehicular accidents. Whether it’s the entrance to a parking facility or ensuring security on business premises, automatic barriers ensure smooth traffic flow and prevent unauthorized access.

Recommended Solutions for Automatic Barriers Protection

ASO Safety Solutions

ASO Safety is a German manufacturer specializing in safety solutions. The product range is primarily designed to enhance the safety and usability of industrial doors, automatic gates, and barriers. The European headquarters are located in Lippstadt, Germany, where both product development and manufacturing are housed in the same facility. In-house product development and testing enable ASO to find effective solutions to new challenges. Most solutions are customized based on the customer’s specific requirements. ASO’s product development also introduces new solutions to the industrial doors and gates market.

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