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LISENS Scan safety radar sensor

ASO’s new LISENS Scan safety radar revolutionizes the safety of door, gate, and barrier applications by providing safety-approved contactless protection. LISENS scan safety radar can be used as the sole safety device for automatic barriers, gates, or barriers, replacing, for example, optical or pneumatic safety edges, control units, and photocells. The safety radar has a detection range of 13 m, and in addition to the safety area, two warning zones can be defined. The radar serves as a safety system that prevents a barrier or sliding gate from closing when a vehicle is within its influence area. The radar can also be used to give an opening command when a vehicle enters the detection area. This eliminates the need for separate induction loops. The reliability and usability of barrier, gate and door applications improve, while fault diagnostics become easier with fewer components and less wiring. Up to 6 safety radars can be connected to a single control unit, enabling the formation of larger safety systems.

Your benefits:

  • Complete safety solution for barriers, gates, and doors – can replace safety edges, control units, photocells and induction loops
  • Safety level CAT.2, PL d, approved as E-device – certified for use as the sole safety device
  • Works where optical sensors stop – immune to snow, rain, fog, dust, and dirt
  • 13 m detection range: one safety zone and 2 warning zones
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Data transfer via CAN bus to the monitoring unit
  • Up to 6 safety radars can be connected to one monitoring unit


The safety radar for automatic barriers will be available during Q3/2024.
A version for sliding gates and overhead doors will be available during Q1/2025.

Feel free to ask for more information if you are interested in testing the system!

Optimal applications for LISENS Scan safety radar:

  • Automatic barriers
  • Sliding gates
  • Quick folding gates
  • Lifting doors
  • Folding doors
  • Roller doors
  • Industrial doors


LISENS Scan featured in the article: Safety Solution for Industrial Doors, Gates, and Automatic Barriers

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