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DRICO Drive Control for doors and gates

DRICO drive controls are characterised by compact design and high flexibility. In addition to a standard portfolio, tailor-made solutions are also possible. DRICO drive controls have been optimized to include all the latest safety transmissions. Thanks to optimized safety transmissions and intelligent frequency converters included, you can start and stop your door and gate smoothly and efficiently, without the need for additional safety evaluations. DRICO drive controls comply with all European door and gate standards, ensuring high safety levels.

An essential feature of the DRICO drive controller is its modular design in hardware and software. The power unit, control card, display, and all other hardware components are connected via an integrated CAN bus which enables physical separation of the components and provides additional flexibility. As an example, the controller can be placed and operated apart from the power module. Supplementary modules such as a separate display, a detached communication interface, external buttons, or a combination of these and other modules are possible. DRICO controller has an SD card reader on board which allows convenient updates of firmware and parameter-presets. Reliable diagnosis, monitoring, and surveillance are available due to extensive data logging.

The preset parameters allow the controller to be used directly on wide variety of door and gate types, which is additionally supported by a uniform type of independent user interface. The DRICO controller is equipped with a 32-bit microcontroller. The door or gate is fast and user-friendly put into operation with a DRICO controller. Material protection by continuously variable control of the drive speed as a matter of course and extends the mechanical service life of the door system. Higher speeds can also be achieved by using DRICO drive controller for the frequency adjustment up to 200 Hz.

The resulting data set of door type, cycle times, operating states and other information can be used to optimize door and gate components and the specification for preventive maintenance. The modular design is fully developed as a DRICO drive controller can control up to three power units.

As a customer, you are actively involved in defining the design and system configuration. Adapted to the customer-specific drive version and with different power components, such as a frequency converter, we offer a maximum of functionality and durability. DRICO door controls are proven and reliable in automatic high speed doors, sliding gates and even under extreme conditions, e.g. in the specialized freezer doors.

Your benefits:

  • Usable for different types of doors and gates
  • Customised exactly to the respective requirements
  • Simplest installation and set-up
  • Simple combination of different modules due to safe CANopen interfaces
  • Numerous variations of frequency converters, DC power components, expansion and interface modules for your ideal control concept
  • Temperature-dependent speed profiles or boost operation
  • Suitable for all position encoders and limit switches
  • Analysis and communication tools for predictive maintenance
  • Expansion modules can be connected via CANopen interface
  • Compliant with all European door and gate standards, ensuring high safety levels
  • Simplest linking of gate systems and e.g. also barriers
  • Intuitive menu navigation


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