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The new Electronic-Key-System EKS2 – Includes simply everything

Euchner’s new EKS2 represents the latest generation of electronic-key-systems

The new product has achieved three objectives: it is simple to implement, simple to operate and simple to adjust. New generation of products is a logical development of the successful EKS system and has many advantages in terms of digital access control and the selection of a safe operating mode. Template projects with predefined functions and data fields have kept to a minimum the programming work needed to integrate the system.

EKS2 modular structure with evaluation unit, read unit and keys.
Components, connection, and installation of the Electronic-Key-System.

EKS2 overview

EKS2 is modular and consists of a read unit, an evaluation unit, the Electronic-Keys, and a programming station. Writing data from the PC to the Electronic-Keys is convenient with the programming station. The standard interface (type USB-C) can connect the programming station to all commonly used office PCs. With the assistance of additionally available software, writing the Electronic-Keys becomes even more user friendly.

EKS2 can be connected to PROFINET fieldbus system.

Compact dimensions – system can be installed directly in the panel.

Ask more about EKS2 from Tuomas:

Kuva Tuomas Hietaniemestä
Tuomas Hietaniemi

Technical Sales Manager
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