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In many industries, testing under real ohmic loads forms an integral part of development work. Whether it is for testing voltage supplies, power supply units, electrical drives or other electrical units, FRIZLEN offers you a suitable resistor type for the most diverse range of test fields.

From just a few watts to several 100 kilowatts: The area of testing and laboratory technology encompasses a very broad power spectrum. With a diverse product portfolio of laboratory and load resistors, FRIZLEN offers ideal solutions for virtually all applications.

The T400 product group includes load and testing resistors, for stationary and mobile operation, to be used in educational facilities, professional laboratory or testing environments or for on-site service use.


  • Sliding resistors for labs, schools and universities
  • Load resistors for power electronics testing with real loads
  • Load resistors for large battery testing
  • Load banks for testing back-up power supply units

Example series:

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