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In order to guarantee the highest possible level of protection for patients and operators, the IEC 60601-1 defines both general and technical requirements which have to be fulfilled by the manufacturers of medical electrical equipment and systems.

An important part of the general requirements concerning electrical medical equipment is the basic safety. Accordingly equipment must not have sharp edges, excessively thin or insufficiently resilient mechanical insulation, or loosely fastened cables which can easily be pulled out. Further aspects are resistance against chemical substances, high and low temperatures and electromagnetic radiation.

Additionally electrical properties must be evaluated. Voltages ranging from 230 V to 250 V and a 50-Hz AC, which for example are capable of triggering cardiac irritations. In addition, lightning, for example, if striking into or next to a cable, can lead to dangerous temporary overvoltages of several thousand volts.

ODU has designed MEDI-SNAP connectors according to IEC 60601-1. The connector shape has been changed and electrical properties of inserts have been improved. Below you can find some of the properties of new MEDI-SNAP connectors.


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