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DOLD RN 5897/020 Insulation monitor for DC charging stations

The growing number of electric vehicles will also expand the number of fast DC charging stations. An unearthed DC power supply system (IT system) with insulation monitoring device (IMD) is installed to ensure electrical safety during the charging process. User should never be exposed to high voltages (up to 1000 V) at any time. DOLD has developed an intelligent solution for monitoring insulation especially for DC charging stations.

The insulation monitor RN 5897/020 is used especially for DC charging stations according to the IEC/EN 61851-23 standard. It monitors the charging process from the charging station into the vehicle. The device is characterized by the short response delay of ≤ 1s and a nominal voltage up to DC 1000 V with an additional coupling device. It detects asymmetrical as well as symmetrical insulation faults. The integrated voltage measurement ensures reliable determination of the insulation resistance in the IT system. The insulation monitor also self-test automatically after power-on and after every operating hour.

In addition to monitoring DC charging stations, the insulation monitor RN 5897/020 can also be used to monitor unearthed AC, DC, AC/DC system, UPS systems, networks with frequency converters or DC drives, battery networks and mobile power generators.

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