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ODU-MAC Black-Line

ODU-MAC® Black-Line is ODU’s Mass Interconnect Solution. ODU-MAC® Black-Line is available in both a mechanical and an electromechanical version.

Electromechanical version

With electromechanical locking mechanism the two sides of the system are connected simply by pushing a button (giving an ergonomic design). This means there is no need for a locking hand lever, which can represent an interfering contour in practice. What’s more, the electromechanical system makes remote operation possible.

Mechanical version

The mechanical version of the ODU-MAC® Black-Line with hand lever matches the standard, tried-and-tested design. The receiver and adapter sides are connected to one another via the hand lever and the engagement mechanism.

Frames and modules

A variety of ODU-MAC® Blue-Line modules can be integrated in two frame sizes (size 2 or size 4). There is space for a maximum of 12 ODU-MAC® Blue-Line frames in one receiver or adapter slot. So up to 4,440 signal contacts can be accommodated in the larger version. This is made possible by the high packing density of the modules and their compact design. ODU-MAC® Blue-Line modules boast a simple method of clip-in assembly into the frame without the need for tools. Furthermore, the quick-locking system ensures the ODU-MAC® frames and monoblocks are locked on the receiver side rapidly and reliably.

  • Electromechanical or mechanical engagement
  • Eight tensioning points stops the frame from distorting
  • Adapter frame with tolerance compensation for easy mating
  • Flexibility with ODU-MAC® modules
  • Optional coding of the adapter
  • European solution with worldwide availability

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