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ODU-MAC White-Line

Whether snap-In, spindle or lever locking, the ODU-MAC White-Line makes manual mating as simple as it is versatile.

Ergonomic handling is guaranteed. This hybrid connector with its wide variety of modules from the ODU-MAC modular system offers custom solutions for your specific application.
Fully non-magnetic versions are available upon request.

  • Various locking options (Snap-In, spindle, lever)
  • Maximum packing density (through pitches from 2.54 mm = 1 unit)
  • High level of failure safety and contact security Vibration resistance
  • 30 different high-speed inserts in the area of data technology
  • 100,000 mating cycles
  • Wide variety of transmission modules
  • Stable low contact resistance
  • Optional non-magnetic version available

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