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Silicone-overmolded cabel series

Applications in medical technology meet high requirements and are often exposed to significant mechanical and chemical influences. ODU developed silicone-overmolded system solutions to meet these requirements. The high-quality technology offers a flexible complete system consisting of connector, cables with matching assembly and overmolding as well as optional labelling.

The resistant system solution can withstand up to 500 autoclave cycles. In addition, wipe disinfection, chemical resistance and biocompatibility are ensured.

The new silicone cable assemblies are subject to medical technology testing according to ISO 10993-5. The surface with unique haptics offers prevention of the stick-slip effect and reduced stickiness. The complete system including overmolding is easy to clean and extraordinary hygienic. Bend protection is ensured due to the special shape and a smoothly transitioning overmolding.

The innovative technology is available for various ODU standard product series and customized solutions. Therefore approved processes with liquid or solid silicone are globally available. The flexible design and excellent surface properties ensure safe and reliable connections for medical applications.

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