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Speed signal doubler P 16800

The P16800 speed signal doubler is used to double the signals from speed sensors. It decouples signals from single or dual-channel speed sensors in a functionally safe and non-interacting manner in accordance with EN 50129 (SIL 4). The pulses are transmitted 1:1 from the input to the output, i.e., frequency and phase angle remain unchanged. The transmission of the rotary encoder signals is also functionally safe in accordance with EN 50129 (SIL 2), whereby the P16800 also galvanically isolates the signals.

Use of the P16800 simplifies the retrofitting of rolling stock with control systems that require speed information, or makes such retrofitting possible in the first place. In new vehicles, the number of speed sensors can also be reduced, which optimizes acquisition and maintenance costs.


  • Doubling, Conversion, and Isolation of Speed Sensor Signals
  • 1-channel and 2-channel version
  • Speed sensors with current or voltage output can be connected
  • The outputs of the product can be configured as current or voltage outputs and behave like a speed sensor for the controls
  • Test voltage: 8.8 kV AC
  • Galvanic isolation of the speed signal and thus protection of downstream components
  • Functionally safe signal processing according to EN 50129 (SIL 4 and SIL 2)
  • Suitable for use on rolling stock: EN 50155, EN 50153
  • Compact modular housing for DIN rail or wall mounting
  • 5-year warranty


Optimal applications/uses

  • Doubling of speed signals and thus simplification of system integration in rolling stock
  • Optional conversion of the speed signal and thus increased compatibility of speed sensors
  • Galvanic isolation of the speed signal and thus protection of downstream components

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