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Key-Transfer-system STS

The SAFEMASTER STS Program consists of modules that can be individually combined and adapted to your application. They combine the advantages of safety switches, interlocks and key transfer in one system. The modular design allows systems to be assembled out of several units, or to modify and expand existing systems as required. All mechanical interlocks can be utilised in machine and plant concepts without wiring. They provide an economic and reliable proctection in wide applications.

With only a few single components, a number of individual interlock units can be assembled. The stainless steel units guarantee good stability. Extensive equipment allows a simple mounting.

  • From simple locking doors to key-transfer-systems
  • For safety applications up to PLe/Category 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Mechanically doubled, no need for doubling of safety functions
  • Application based design simplifies and speeds up maintenance
  • Fully mechical locking for heavy industrial applications (less wiring)
  • Cleaning could be done with pressure washer
  • Suitable for demanding environments
  • Mechanical modules temperature range -40…+100 C
  • Possibility of LOTO for maintenance
  • We help you to design efficient system for maximal safety

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