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SENTIR edge 115 SK

SENTIR Edge 115 SK safety edges are available either pre-made or as self-assembling versions in 15-meter rolls. The safety edge can be cut to the desired length and easily assembled without any need for glue or additional tools, thanks to the innovative Plug’N’Sense system. The self-assembly safety edges achieve an IP65 rating by just putting the parts together. Safety edges are available in several different colors and even with logo printing.


Advantages and Features:

  • Profile dimensions (W x H):
    • 45 mm x 115 mm
    • 45 mm x 135 mm (version with sealing lip)
  • Material: EPDM
  • Actuating force and overtravel distances tested according to DIN EN ISO 13856-2
  • Actuating force (100 mm/s): 71,8 N
  • Actuating distance: 4,7 mm
  • Overtravel at 100 mm/s and 400 N: 58,2 mm
  • Delivery length: max. 15 m
  • Max. length of several contact edges: 100 m
  • Max. series connection of the contact edges: 5 pcs contact edges
  • Protection class: IP65 (IP68 on request)
  • Max. temperature range: -25 °C … +75 °C
  • Side clip base: attachment to the sides of the mounting profile.
  • Also available with single-sided sealing lip (inwards) (115 SKLi)


Optimal applications / uses:

  • Automatic doors and gates
  • Industrial applications

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