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High Voltage Transducer P 41000 TRMS (true RMS)

AC/DC high voltage transducer for True RMS measurement. Input signals from VIN = 60 mV AC up to VIN = 10 V AC.

The VariTrans P 41000 TRMS isolation amplifiers have been specially conceived for measurements of bipolar voltages ranging from millivolts to volts. They reliably isolate high potentials at the input circuit. Thanks to the true rms conversion in the transducer, even distorted input signals are captured correctly and output as so-called true rms values.

The isolating distances are designed to withstand permanent voltages up to 3600 V AC/DC and fast transients up to 20 kV.


  • Input: 60 mV … 10 V AC
  • Frequency range: 40 … 1000 Hz
  • Accuracy class: 0,3 %
  • Test voltage: 15 kV AC
  • Isolation: 3,6 kV AC/DC
  • Power supply: 20 … 253 V AC/DC
  • 5-year warranty
  • Special features: Calibrated, switchable, and custom-adjustable versions

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