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Lightning connectors

Requirements made to the connection of luminaries vary depending on type of application. Adels-Contact disposes of a wide range to comply with most of the required properties, be it for simple home lighting, protection class II street lighting, water-proof luminaries IP 65 or for lights with high ambient temperatures.

Depending on type of connection and luminary Adels-Contact offers:

  • AC 166, AC 160/163, AC 162 plug and socket connectors for flexible installation for 250 V / 400 V and 12 V.
  • LK 980, LK 960, LC 45, 930 and 953/937 for fixed installation with screwless connectors and tool free connection of flexible or rigid wires in the luminary and when installing.
    Fused connectors 503Si, 1003Si, 900Si and 925Si.
  • 900 series screw-screwless connectors with screw terminals on one and tab terminals on the other side.
  • Screw connectors for the connection of up to 16 mm² conductors, for the use in high ambient temperatures optionally from porcelain or steatite.

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