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AMC Easy-Clean connectors

ODU AMC Easy-Clean’s plug contacts can be easily and quickly cleaned in the field even under the most unfavourable conditions. A connector design based on real-world conditions and the use of the “pogo pin” contact system ensure it.

The pogo pin technology could be used in either plug or receptable. The open contact area is smooth and it is easy to wipe clean. In connection pins are pushed to the contact are for reliable contact. Unmating is easy with just a quick pull, just as the ODU Break-Away connectors.

Easy-Clean works well in different eviroments. Operating temperatures range from -51 C° to +125 C°. Stable housing has non-reflecting surface and watertight protection class IP 68 and IP 69 K. Housing is 360° shielding for excellent, trouble-free data transfer. One connector has mating cycle of 5000 times. The series is available in 3 different sizes with 7-19 contacts.

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