Single contacts

Single contacts

Contact technologies for a wide variety of specifications.

ODU is a global leader in the development and production of high-performance contacts for electrical connector technology. Contacts that – depending on the application – can successfully complete up to one million mating cycles without any loss of reliability or transmission capacity.

The same is true for current-carrying capacity in high temperatures or application-specific optimization of mating and demating forces. ODU possesses the necessary skills for perfectly adapting contact systems to precisely meet the customers’ needs.

Thereby, in terms of functions and properties, every contact system is custom fit to each application, while also being available in a wide variety of diameters and termination types. Along with contacts possessing springwire and lamella technology, ODU’s varied product portfolio also contains turned, slotted and stamped contacts.

ODU has a wealth of knowledge in the field of contact and connection technology, enabling us to offer customized system solutions and cable assemblies to suit any contact solution.

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